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A Subtle Bio

Hi there. Welcome. It's lovely to e-meet you like this. I hope you and yours are well and you've moved your body in someway today. 

A little about me: I'm an enneagram 4 which I recently learned means I spend a lot of time in a world I'm creating in my head. (Woot!) #theindividualist 

The world that I envision is one where art is collaborative, fun, open, accessible, and honest. A world with responsibility and active, relentless engagement. I believe art heals, educates, renews, and connects us all. 

Instead of talking about myself, I asked some of my dearest friends how they would describe me & these are some of their offers. (Thank you, friends - you make this life so rich & ILY):


- Massive heart, loud but soft when you need to listen, too funny for your own good.


- A trailblazer. I just feel like you are going to do something big. Idunno...


- If Illana Glazer and Catherine Cohen were both Jewish brunettes.


- You make people better and you root for them so fervently. I love you.

- Why are you still texting me? (one of my exes) 



I cried the first and only time I rode the Coney Island

Ferris Wheel. This is how I want to be remembered. 

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