A Subtle Bio

Marisa Jones grew up in the Deep South, which is where she learned to speak to anyone and deep fry anything.

She then went to school in Texas, the Biggest South, where she fell in love with Torchy's Tacos and trained under The Nanny's delicious "villain," Lauren Lane.

Now based in New York, her biggest regret is not being born AS Illana Glazer, as everyone always mistakes her FOR Illana Glazer. 


She's a playwright, a singer-songwriter-musician (guitar, uke, piano), a dancer and an advocate of asking people if she can pet their dog rather than waiting for the dogs to ask her first. #initiative 


A natural and enthusiastic collaborator (she's a twin), she's always game to join a new project and create some shared magic.

When not performing, she professionally frolics with children, hosts 7 events a month for community engagement, and creates clickable content part-time for a local non-profit.

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