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June 21st 2021

Marisa just closed Amara Brady's
"my dick is 
David duke" or the sad fat negress can't get a date with ars nova's #antfest2021

Baby's first Tiny Desk

Marisa recently submitted her original song for npr's Tiny Desk Contest 2021! Want to see what cat hair and revenge can turn into? Click below and enjoy! 
Videography credit: Britney Patten

June 4, 2021 @ 7PM

original idiots.png
manic pixie dream girls aren't black.png

Marisa's just closed the new musical Reading of Amara J. Brady's Manic Pixie Dreams Girls Aren't Black. The Show follows a data scientist, Delilah, who dreams of being a videogame designer.  

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 10.06.25
Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 10.06.36

April 23-May 3

Marisa's in rehearsals for Jaclyn Backhaus' Men on Boats. She's rockin' the boat as old shady in this production being produced by egg & spoon theatre collective

March 20-21st

Marisa's a part of the band! (finally) World Premiere of Lipstick on a pig by Aarushi Agni and amara Brady at 

SheCreates: Myths & Legends

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 9.33.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 1.33.16 AM.png

Jan 23 - Feb 2

Marisa just closed

From A to Double D by Mandy Murphy at IRT theatre, produced by Moxie Arts

Aug 24

Marisa originated the role of "ash" in Cameron of Bergen Street, a new play by Jordan Coates. It was performed at the tank as part of ladyfest 2019

measure for measure logo.jpg

June 8-11 

Marisa portrayed both Mariana and Juliet in Redcaravan's Measure

for measure. in this new adaptation, Marisa's uke and guitar got to jam on new tunes by rona Siddiqui. 

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